Sunder Kand in Hindi, English And Sanskrit

Sunder Kand Doha 20


When the ten-headed monster saw the monkey he laughed and railed at him. But presently he recalled his son’s death and felt sad at heart.

Said the king of Lanka, “Who are you, monkey, and by whose might have you wrought the destruction of the grove? What, did you never hear my name? I see you are an exceptionally bold wretch. For what offence did you kill the demons? Tell me, fool, are you not afraid of losing your life?” “Listen, Ravana: recall Him by whose might Maya (Nature) brings forth numberless universes; by whose might, O ten-headed monster, Brahma, Hari (Visnu) and Isa (Siva) carry on their respective function of creation, preservation and destruction; by whose might the thousand-headed serpent (sesa) supports on his head the entire globe with its mountains and forests, who assumes various forms in order to protect the gods and teach a lesson to wretches like you; who broke Siva’s unbending bow and crushed with it the pride of a host of princes; who despatched Khara, Dusana, Trisira and Vali, all unequalled in strength.

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