Sunder Kand in Hindi, English And Sanskrit

Sunder Kand Doha 31


“Each single moment, O fountain of mercy, passes like an age to Her. Therefore, march quickly, my lord, and vanquishing the miscreant crew by Your mighty arm, recover Her.”

When the all-blissful Lord heard of Sita’s agony, tears rushed to his lotus eyes. “Do you think anyone who depends on me in thought, word and deed can ever dream of adversity?” Said Hanuman: “There is no misfortune other than ceasing to remember and adore You. Of what account are the demons to You? Routing the enemy You will surely bring back Janaka’s Daughter.” “No one endowed with a body – a god, human being or sage – has put me under such obligation, Hanuman, as you have done. Even my mind shrinks to face you; how, then, can I repay your obligation? Listen, my son: I have thought over the question and concluded that the debt which I owe you cannot be repaid.” Again and again as the Protector of the gods gazed on Hanuman His eyes filled with tears and His body was overpowered with a thrill of emotion.

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