Sunder Kand in Hindi, English And Sanskrit

Sunder Kand Doha 57


Although three days had elapsed, the crass ocean would not answer the Lord’s prayer. Sri Rama thereupon indignantly said, “There can be no friendship without inspiring fear.”

“Laksmana, bring Me My bow and arrows; I will dry up the ocean with a missile presided over by the god of fire. Supplication before an idiot, friendship with a rogue, inculcating liberality on a born miser, talking wisdom to one steeped in worldliness, glorifying dispassion before a man of excessive greed, a lecture on mind control to an irascible man and a discourse on the exploits of Sri Hari to a libidinous person are as futile as sowing seeds in a barren land.” So saying, the Lord of the Raghus strung His bow and this stand (of the Lord) delighted Laksmana’s heart. When the Lord fitted the terrible arrow to His bow, a blazing fire broke out in the heart of the ocean; the alligators, serpents and fishes felt distressed. When the god presiding over the ocean found the creatures burning, he gave up his pride and, assuming the form of a Brahmana, came with a gold plate filled with all kinds of jewels.

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