Sunder Kand in Hindi, English And Sanskrit

Sunder Kand Doha 12


Then, taking thought within himself, Hanuman (the monkey chief) dropped down the signet ring, as though the Asoka tree had thrown a spark (in response to Her prayer). She sprang up with joy and took it in Her hand.

Now She saw the charming ring with the name of Sri Rama most beautifully engraved on it. Recognizing the ring She looked at it with wonder and was agitated at heart with a mixed feeling of joy and sorrow. “Who can conquer the invincible Lord of the Raghus and such a (divine) ring cannot be prepared through Maya (a conjuring trick).” As Sita thus indulged in fancies of various kinds, Hanuman spoke in honeyed accents and began to recount Sri Ramachandra’s praises. The moment they reached Sita’s ears Her grief took flight. She listened with all Her soul and ears while Hanuman narrated the whole story from the very beginning. “Wherefore does she who has told this tale, which is like nectar to my ears, not reveal herself?”* Thereupon Hanuman drew near Her, while Sita sat with her back turned towards him, full of amazement. “I am Sri Rama’s messenger, mother Janaki: I solemnly swear by the all-merciful Lord Himself. This ring has been brought by me, O mother; Sri Rama gave it to me as a token for you.” “Tell me what brought about this fellowship between a man and a monkey.” Then Hanuman explained the circumstances in which a union was brought about between men and monkeys.

* Obviously the orchard in which Sita had been confined was open to the fair sex alone. Naturally, therefore, when She heard an unseen voice utter Sri Rama’s praises, She concluded that it must be some female.

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