Sunder Kand in Hindi, English And Sanskrit

Sunder Kand Doha 13


As She heard the monkey’s affectionate words Her soul trusted him and She recognized him to be a servant of the all-merciful Lord in thought, word and deed.

Perceiving him to be a devotee of Sri Hari She developed an intense affection for him. Her eyes filled with tears and a thrill ran through Her body. “To me who was being drowned in the ocean of desolation, dear Hanuman, you have come as a veritable bark. Now tell me, I adjure you, the welfare of all-blissful Sri Rama (the Slayer of Khara) and His younger brother (Lakshmana). Wherefore has the tender-hearted and compassionate Lord of the Raghus become so hard-hearted? Does the Chief of the Raghus ever remember me – He who is by natural disposition a source of delight to His servants ? Will my eyes, dear Hanuman, be ever gladdened by the sight of His swarthy and delicate limbs?” Words failed Her and Her eyes swam with tears. “Ah, my lord ! You have entirely forgotten me.” Seeing Sita sore distressed due to Her separation from Her lord, Hanuman addressed Her in soft and polite accents: “The Lord and His younger brother (Lakshmana) are both doing well, mother, except for the fact that the all-merciful is sorrowful because of Your sorrow. Do not feel vexed at heart, mother; Sri Rama loves You twice as much as You love Him.

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