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Sunder Kand Doha 19


Meghanada ultimately fitted to his bow the arrow known as Brahmastra (the weapon presided over by Brahma), when Hanuman thought within himself: “If I submit not to Brahma’s own weapon, its infinite glory will be cast to the winds.

He launched the Brahmastra against Hanuman, who crushed a whole host even as he fell. When he saw that the monkey had swooned, he entangled the latter in a noose of serpents* and carried him off. Now, Parvati, is it conceivable that the envoy of the Lord whose very name enables the wise to cut asunder the bonds of mundane existence should come under bondage? No, it was in the service of the Lord that Hanuman allowed himself to be bound. When the demons heard that the monkey had been captured and noosed, they all rushed to the court in order to enjoy the spectacle. The monkey arrived and saw Ravana’s court: his superb glory baffled description. Even gods and regents of the quarters stood meek with joined palms, all watching the movement of his eyebrows in great dismay. But the monkey’s soul was no more disturbed at the sight of his power than Garuda (the king of birds) would be frightened in the midst of a number of serpents.

* A special contrivance to entangle the enemy, possessed by Varuna (the god presiding over the waters) and evidently snatched from the latter by Ravana.

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