Sunder Kand in Hindi, English And Sanskrit

Sunder Kand Doha 7


“Listen, my friend: though I am so wretched, the Hero of Raghu’s race has shown His grace even to me !” And his eyes filled with tears as he recalled the Lord’s virtues.

“It is not to be wondered that those who knowingly forget such a lord and go adrift should be unhappy.” Thus recounting Sri Rama’s virtues, Hanuman derived unspeakable solace. Then Vibhisana fully narrated how Janaka’s Daughter had been living there. Thereupon Hanuman said, “Listen, brother: I should like to see Mother Sita.” Vibhisana fully explained to him the method of seeing Her and the son of the wind-god took leave of Vibhisana and proceeded on his errand. Assuming the same (minute) form as he had taken before, he repaired to the Asoka grove where Sita dwelt. He mentally bowed to Her as soon as he saw Her. Obviously She had been squatting away the hours of the night. Emaciated in body, She wore a single braid* of matted hair on Her head and repeated to Herself the list of Sri Rama’s excellences.

* It is customary with Indian women to wear a single braid of hair when separated from their husband.

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