Sunder Kand in Hindi, English And Sanskrit

Sunder Kand Doha 26


After quenching his tail and relieving his fatigue he resumed his diminutive form and stood before Janaka’s Daughter with joined palms.

“Be pleased, Mother, to give me some token, such as the Lord of the Raghus gave me.” She thereupon unfastened the jewel on Her head and gave it to the son of the wind god, who gladly received it. “Convey my obeisance to Him, dear son, with these words: ‘My lord is all sufficient; yet recalling Your vow of kindness to the afflicted, relieve, O master, my grievous distress.’ Repeat to him, my son, the episode of Indra’s son (Jayanta) and remind the Lord of the might of His arrows. If the Lord does not arrive here within a month, he will not find me alive. Tell me, Hanuman, how can I preserve my life; for you too, my son, now speak of going. Your sight had brought relief to my heavy heart: I have before me now the same dreary days and weary nights.”

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