Sunder Kand in Hindi, English And Sanskrit

Sunder Kand Doha 15


“The hosts of demons are like so many moths, while the shafts of the Lord of the Raghus are like flames. Have courage in Your heart, mother, and take the demons as consumed.”

“Had the Hero of Raghu’s line any news about You, the Lord of the Raghus would not have tarried. The moment Sri Rama’s arrows make their appearance like the sun, the demon host would be scattered like the shadows of night. Mother, I would take You to Him this very moment; but, I swear by Rama, I have no such orders from the Lord. Therefore, wait patiently for some days more, mother, till the Hero of Raghu’s line arrives with the troops of monkeys. Slaughtering the demons, He will take You away; while Narada and the other sages will glorify Him in all the three spheres of creation.” “But, my son, all the monkeys must be pygmies like you, whereas the demons are mighty and great warriors. I have grave misgivings in my heart on this score.” On hearing this the monkey revealed His natural form, colossal as a mountain of gold, terrible in battle, possessing great might and full of valour. Sita now took comfort in Her heart and the son of the wind-god thereupon resumed his diminutive appearance.

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