Sunder Kand in Hindi, English And Sanskrit

Sunder Kand Doha 6


There upon Hanuman told him all about Sri Rama and disclosed his identity as well. The moment Vibhisana heard this a thrill ran through the body of both and they were transported with joy at the thought of Sri Rama’s host of virtues.

“Hear, O son of the wind-god, how I am living here: my plight is similar to that of the poor tongue, that lives in the midst of the teeth. Will the Lord of the solar race, dear friend, ever show His grace to me, knowing me to be masterless? Endowed as I am with a sinful (demoniac) form, I am incapable of doing any Sadhana (striving for God- Realization); and my heart cherishes no love for the Lord’s lotus-feet. But I am now confident, Hanuman, that Sri Rama will shower His grace on me; for one can never meet a saint without Sri Hari’s grace. It is only because the Hero of Raghu’s race has been kind to me that you have blessed me with your sight unsolicited.” “Listen, Vibhisana: the Lord is ever affectionate to His servants; for such is His wont. Tell me what superior birth can I claim – a frivolous monkey vile in every way, so much so that if anyone mentions our name early in the morning he is sure to go without any food that day.

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