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Sunder Kand Doha 50


“My lord, the deity presiding over the ocean is an ancestor of Yours; hence he will think over the question and suggest some means (of crossing the ocean).*The whole host of bears and monkeys will thus be able to cross the ocean without much ado.”

“Friend, you have suggested an excellent plan; let us try it and see if Providence helps it.” This counsel, however, did not find favour with Laksmana, who was greatly pained to hear Sri Rama’s words. “No reliance can be placed on the freaks of fortune. Fill your mind with indignation and dry up the ocean. Fate is a crutch for the mind of cowards alone; it is the indolent who proclaim their faith in fate.” Hearing this the Hero of Raghu’s line laughed and said, “We shall do accordingly; pray, ease your mind.” Reassuring His younger brother (Laksmana) with these words the Lord of the Raghus went to the seashore. First of all He bowed His head and greeted the ocean and then, spreading some Kusa grass on the shore, took His seat thereon. As soon as Vibhisana proceeded towards the Lord, Ravana sent spies after him.

*It is stated in the Ramayana of Valmiki and other scriptures that the bed of the ocean was dug by King Sagara, hence it is known by the name of ‘Sagara.’ King Sagara was an ancestor of Sri Rama and thus the deity presiding over the ocean is also spoken of by Vibhisana as a forefather of the Lord.

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