Sunder Kand in Hindi, English And Sanskrit

Sunder Kand Doha 47


“Ah, I am blessed beyond measure, O all-gracious and all-blissful Rama, in that I have beheld with my own eyes the lotus feet which are worthy of adoration even to Brahma and Siva.”

“Listen, My friend: I tell you My nature, which is known to Bhusundi, Sambhu (Lord Siva) and Girija (Parvati) too. If a man, even though he has been an enemy of the whole animate and inanimate creation, comes terror-stricken to Me, seeking My protection and discarding vanity, infatuation, hypocrisy and trickeries of various kinds, I speedily make him the very like of a saint. The ties of affection that bind a man to his mother, father, brother, son, wife, body, wealth, house, friends and relations are like so many threads which a pious soul gathers up and twists into a string wherewith he binds his soul to My feet. Nay, he looks upon all with the same eye and has no craving and his mind is free from joy, grief and fear. A saint of this description abides in My heart even as mammon resides in the heart of a covetous man. Only saints of your type are dear to Me; for the sake of none else do I body Myself forth.”

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