Sunder Kand in Hindi, English And Sanskrit

Sunder Kand Doha 48


“Those men who worship My personal form, are intent on doing good to others, firmly tread the path of righteousness, and are steadfast in their vow and devoted to the feet of the Brahmanas are dear to Me as life.”

“Listen, O king of Lanka; you possess all the above virtues; hence you are extremely dear to Me.” On hearing the words of Sri Rama all the assembled monkeys exclaimed, “Glory to the All-merciful !” Vibhisana’s eagerness to hear the Lord’s speech, which was all nectar to his ears, knew no satiety. He clasped His lotus feet again and again, his heart bursting with boundless joy. “Listen, my lord, Ruler of the whole creation-animate as well as inanimate, Protector of the suppliant and Knower of all hearts: I did have some lurking desire in my heart before; but the same has been washed away by the stream of devotion to the Lord’s feet. Now, my gracious Lord, grant me such pure devotion (to Your feet) as that which gladdens Siva’s heart.” “So be it”, replied the Lord, staunch in fight, and immediately asked for the water of the sea. “Even though, My friend, you have no craving, My sight in this world never fails to bring its reward.” So saying, Sri Rama applied on his forehead the sacred mark of sovereignty and a copious shower of flowers rained down from the heavens.

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