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Sunder Kand Doha 59


On hearing his most submissive words the all-merciful smiled and said, “Tell me, dear father, some device whereby the monkey host may cross over.”

“My lord, the two monkey brothers, Nila, and Nala, got a boon in their childhood from a sage. Touched by them even huge mountains will float on the ocean by Your glory. Cherishing my lord’s (Your) greatness I too shall help You to the best of my ability. In this way, my lord, have the ocean bridged, so that this glorious achievement of Yours may be sung in all three spheres of creation. With this arrow, my Lord, exterminate a race of vile criminals inhabiting my northern coast.” On hearing this, Sri Rama, who was as tender-hearted as He was staunch in battle, immediately relieved the agony of Ocean’s heart. The god presiding over the ocean was rejoiced and gratified to witness Sri Rama’s astounding might and valour. He related to the Lord all the doings (of those villains); and bowing to His feet, Ocean took his leave.

The god presiding over the ocean left for his home; the idea (of bridging the ocean) commended itself to the blessed Lord of the Raghus. This story (of Sri Rama’s exploits in this Kanda), which wipes out the impurities of the Kali age, has been sung by Tulasidasa according to his own (poor) lights. The excellences of Sri Rama (the Lord of the Raghus) are an abode of delight, a panacea for all doubt and an unfailing remedy for sorrow. Therefore, giving up all other hope and faith, ever sing and hear them, O foolish mind.

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