Sunder Kand in Hindi, English And Sanskrit

Sunder Kand Doha 35


Continuing His march in this way the All-merciful arrived at the seashore and halted there. The host of valiant bears and monkeys began to guttle fruits all round there.

Ever since Hanuman left after burning down Lanka the demons there had lived in constant terror. In their own houses they thought, “There is no hope for the demon race now. If his messenger was mighty beyond words, what good would result when the master himself enters the city?” When Mandodari (Ravana’s principal queen) heard from her female spies what the citizens were saying, she felt much perturbed. Meeting her lord in seclusion she fell at his feet and with joined palms addressed to him words steeped in wisdom: “My lord, avoid all strife with Sri Hari. Take my words to your heart as a most salutary advice. My lord, if you seek your own welfare, call one of your ministers and send back with him the consort of that prince (Sri Rama), the very thought of whose messenger’s doings makes the wives of the demons miscarry. Just as a frosty night spells disaster to a bed of lotuses, so Sita has come here as a bane to your race. Listen, my lord: unless you return Sita, not even Sambhu (Lord Siva) and Brahma (the creator) can be of any good to you.

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