Sunder Kand in Hindi, English And Sanskrit

Sunder Kand Doha 2


You will accomplish all the work of Sri Rama, a storehouse that you are of strength and intelligence. Having blessed Hanuman she departed and Hanuman too joyfully resumed his journey (through the air).

There was a demoness who dwelt in the ocean and would catch the birds in the air by conjuring tricks. Seeing on the surface of the water the reflection of the creature that coursed in the air she would catch it and the bird was unable to move. In this way she would devour birds everyday. She employed the same trick against Hanuman, but the chief of monkeys at once saw through her game. The valiant son of the wind-god dispatched her and swept across the ocean, resolute of mind as he was. Reaching the other shore he gazed on the loveliness of the forest with the bees humming in quest of honey. Trees of various kinds looked charming with fruits and flowers; and he was particularly delighted at heart to see the numerous birds and beasts. Beholding a huge mountain ahead of him, he fearlessly ran up to its summit. The chief of the monkeys, O Uma (Parvati), deserved no credit for it: it was all attributable to the glory of the Lord, who devours Death himself. Climbing up the hill he surveyed Lanka, a most marvellous fortress that defied description. It was very high and was enclosed by the ocean on all sides. The ramparts of gold shed great lustre all round.

The charming city was enclosed by a fortification wall of gold inlaid with precious stones of various kinds, and contained many beautiful houses, cross roads, bazars, lovely streets and lanes, and was decorated in everyway. Who could count the multitudes of elephants, horses and mules, the crowds of foot soldiers and chariots and the troops of demons of every shapeóa formidable host beyond all description ? Groves and orchards, gardens and parks, lakes and also wells, big and small, looked charming; daughters of human beings, Nagas, gods and Gandharvas (celestial musicians) enraptured with their beauty the minds of even hermits. Here roared mighty wrestlers endowed with huge mountainlike forms. They grappled with one another in many ways in different courts and challenged one another to a duel. Myriads of champions possessing frightful forms sedulously guarded the city on all sides. Elsewhere the vile demons feasted on buffaloes, human beings, cows, donkeys and goats. Tulasidasa has briefly told their story only because they will drop their bodies at the sanctuary of Sri Rama’s arrows and thereby attain the supreme state.

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