Sunder Kand in Hindi, English And Sanskrit

Sunder Kand Doha 41


“Sri Rama is true to His resolve and all-powerful; while your councillors are all doomed. I, therefore, now betake myself to the Hero of Raghu’s line for protection; blame me no more.”

No sooner had Vibhisana left with these words than the doom of them all was sealed. Disrespect to a saint, Parvati, immediately robs one of all blessings. The moment Ravana abandoned Vibhisana the wretch lost all his glory. Indulging in many expectations Vibhisana, however, gladly proceeded to the Lord of the Raghus. “On reaching there I will behold those lotus-feet with ruddy soles, so soft and so delightful to the devotees. Nay, I will behold those feet whose very touch redeemed the Rsi’s wife (Ahalya), that hallowed the Dandaka forest, that Janaka’s Daughter has locked up in Her bosom, that chased the delusive deer and that dwell as a pair of lotuses in the lake of Siva’s heart. I am really blessed that I am going to see those very feet.

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