Sunder Kand in Hindi, English And Sanskrit

Sunder Kand Doha 5


The mansion had the weapons (bow and arrow) of Sri Rama painted on its walls and was beautiful beyond words. The monkey chief rejoiced to see clusters of young Tulasi plants there.

“Lanka is the abode of a gang of demons; how could a pious man take up his residence here?” While the monkey chief was thus reasoning within himself, Vibhisana (Ravana’s youngest brother) woke up. He began to repeat Sri Rama’s name in prayer and Hanuman was delighted at heart to find a virtuous soul. “I shall make acquaintance with him at all events; for one’s cause would never suffer at the hands of a good man.” Having thus resolved he assumed the form of a Brahmana and accosted Vibhisana. As soon as he heard Hanuman’s words he rose and came where the latter was. Bowing low he enquired after the Brahmana’s welfare: “Tell me all about you, holy sir. Are you one of Sri Hari’s own servants (Narada and others)? My heart is filled with exceeding love at your sight. Or are you Sri Rama Himself, a loving friend of the poor, who have come to bless me (by your sight)?”

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