Sunder Kand in Hindi, English And Sanskrit

Sunder Kand Doha 18


Some he slew, some he crushed and some he seized and pounded with dust. And some who escaped cried, “O lord, the monkey is too strong for us.”

The King of Lanka flew into a rage when he heard of his son’s death and sent the mighty Meghanada. “Kill him not, my son, but bind him. Let us see the monkey and ascertain wherefrom he comes.” Meghanada (the conqueror of Indra) sallied forth, a peerless champion, seized with fury at the news of his brother’s death. When Hanuman saw this fierce warrior approach, he gnashed his teeth and with a roar rushed forward to meet him. He tore up a tree of enormous size and smashed with it the car, thus rendering the crown prince of Lanka without any transport. As for the mighty warriors who accompanied him, Hanuman seized them one by one and crushed them by the weight of his limbs. Having finished them off, he closed with Meghanada. It was like the encounter of two lordly elephants. Striking the opponent with his clenched fist, Hanuman sprang and climbed up a tree; while Meghanada lay unconscious for a moment. He rose again and resorted to many a delusive device; but the son of the wind-god was not to be vanquished.

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