Sunder Kand in Hindi, English And Sanskrit

Sunder Kand Doha 38


“Lust, anger, vanity and covetousness are all paths leading to hell. Abjuring, all these adore the Hero of Raghu’s line, whom saints worship.”

Sri Rama, dear brother, is no mere human king; He is the Lord of the universe and the Death of Death himself. He is the Brahma (Absolute) who is free from the malady of Maya, the unborn God, all-pervading, invincible, without beginning or end. An ocean of compassion, He has assumed the form of a human being for the good of Earth, the Brahmana, the cow and the gods. Listen, brother: He delights His devotees and breaks the ranks of the impious and is the champion of the Vedas and true religion. Giving up enmity with Him, bow your head to Him; for the Lord of the Raghus relieves the distress of those who seek refuge in Him. My master, restore Videha’s Daughter to the Lord Sri Rama, and adore Him, the disinterested friend of all. On being approached, He forsakes not even him who has incurred sin by wishing ill to the whole world. Bear this in mind, Ravana: the same Lord whose Name destroys the threefold agony has manifested Himself (in human form).

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