Sunder Kand in Hindi, English And Sanskrit

Sunder Kand Doha 45


“Having heard with my own ears of Your fair renown I have come to You with the belief that my lord (You) dissipates the fear of rebirt h. Save me, save me, O Hero of Raghu’s line, reliever of distress, delighter of those who take refuge in you.”

When the Lord saw Vibhisana falling prostrate with these words, He immediately started up much delighted. The Lord rejoiced at heart to hear his humble speech and, taking him in His long arms, clasped him to His bosom. Meeting him with His younger brother (Laksmana) He seated him by His side and spoke words that dispelled the fear of His devotee: “Tell me, king of Lanka, if all is well with you and your family, placed as you are in vicious surroundings. You live day and night in the midst of evil-minded persons; I wonder how you are able to maintain your piety, my friend, I know all your ways: you are a past master in correct behaviour and are averse to wrong-doing. It is much better to live in hell, dear Vibhisana; but may Providence never place us in the company of the wicked.” “All is well with me now that I have beheld Your feet, O Lord of the Raghus, and since You have shown Your mercy to me, recognizing me as Your servant.

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