Sunder Kand in Hindi, English And Sanskrit

Sunder Kand Doha 17


Seeing the monkey perfect in strength and wit, Janaka’s Daughter said, “Go, my son, and enjoy the luscious fruit with your heart fixed on Sri Rama’s feet.”

Bowing his head he went forth and entered the grove; and having eaten the fruit he began to break down the trees. A number of warriors had been posted there as guards; some of them were killed by him, while the rest took flight and cried for help, “O lord, a huge monkey has made his appearance and laid waste the Asoka grove. He has eaten fruits, uprooted trees, and, having crushed the watchmen, has laid them on the ground.” On hearing this, Ravana despatched a number of his champions. Hanuman roared when he saw them and slaughtered the whole demon host. A few that had survived though well-nigh killed, escaped screaming. Ravana then sent prince Aksa, who sallied forth with a vast number of his best warriors. Seeing them approach, Hanuman seized a tree and threatened them and, having overthrown the prince, roared with a loud yell.

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