Sunder Kand in Hindi, English And Sanskrit

Sunder Kand Doha 28


They all approached Sugriva and complained that the Crown Prince was laying waste the royal garden. Sugriva rejoiced to hear this; for he concluded that the monkeys must have returned after accomplishing the Lord’s business.

“If they had failed to get any news of Sita, they could never dare to eat the fruit of Madhuvana.” While the king was thus musing, the monkey chiefs arrived with their party. Drawing near they all bowed their head at his feet and the lord of the monkeys received them all most cordially and enquired after their welfare. “It is well with us, now that we have seen your feet. By Rama’s grace the work has been accomplished with remarkable success. It is Hanuman, Your Majesty, who did everything and saved the life of the whole monkey host.” Hearing this Sugriva embraced him again and then proceeded with all the monkeys to see the Lord of the Raghus. When Sri Rama saw the monkeys approaching with their mission duly accomplished, He was particularly delighted at heart. The two brothers were seated on a crystal rock and all the monkeys went and fell at Their feet.

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