Sunder Kand in Hindi, English And Sanskrit

Sunder Kand Doha 32


Even as Hanuman listened to the words of his lord and gazed on His countenance he experienced a thrill of joy all over his body and fell at His feet, overwhelmed with love and crying: “Save me, save me (from the tentacles of egoism), my lord.”

Again and again the Lord sought to raise him up; he, however, was so absorbed in love that he would not rise. The lotus hand of the Lord rested on his head. Gauri’s lord (Siva) was overcome with emotion as He called to mind Hanuman’s enviable lot.* But, recovering Himself, Siva resumed the most charming narrative. The Lord lifted up Hanuman and clasped him to His bosom; then He took him by the hand and seated him very close to Him. “Tell me, Hanuman, how could you burn Ravana’s stronghold of Lanka, a most impregnable fortress?” When Hanuman found the Lord so pleased, he replied in words altogether free from pride. “A monkey’s greatest valour lies in his skipping about from one bough to another. That I should have been able to leap across the ocean, burn the gold city, kill the demon host and lay waste the Asoka grove was all due to Your might; no credit, my lord, is due to me for the same.”

*It should be remembered in this connection that Lord Siva Himself had taken the form of Hanuman. It was, therefore, easy for Him to recall that thrilling experience.

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