Sunder Kand in Hindi, English And Sanskrit

Sunder Kand Doha 4


“In one scale of the balance, dear son, put together the delights of heaven and the bliss of final beatitude; but they will all be outweighed by a moment’s joy derived from communion with the saints.”

“Enter the city with the Lord of Ayodhya enshrined in your heart and accomplish all your business. Poison is transformed into nectar, foes turn friends, the ocean contracts itself to the size of a cow’s footprint, fire becomes cool and Mount Meru, O Garuda, appears like a grain of sand to him on whom Sri Rama has cast His benign look.” Hanuman assumed a very minute form and invoking Sri Rama entered the city. He ransacked every mansion and saw countless warriors here and there. Then he made his way into Ravana’s palace, which was marvellous beyond words. He saw the demon chief buried in sleep; but he did not find Videha’s Daughter there. He then noticed another splendid building, with a temple sacred to Sri Hari standing apart.

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