Sunder Kand in Hindi, English And Sanskrit

Sunder Kand Doha 30


“Your Name keeps watch night and day, while Her continued thought of You acts as a pair of closed doors. She has Her eyes fastened on Her own feet; Her life thus finds no outlet whereby to escape.”

“When I was leaving, She gave me this jewel from the top of Her head.” The Lord of the Raghus took it and pressed it to His bosom. “My lord, with tears in both Her eyes Janaka’s Daughter uttered the following few words: ‘Embrace the feet of my lord and His younger brother crying; O befriender of the distressed, reliever of the suppliant’s agony, I am devoted to Your feet in thought, word and deed; yet for what offence, my lord, have You forsaken me? I do admit one fault of mine, that my life did not depart the moment I was separated from You. That, however, my lord, is the fault of my eyes, which forcibly prevent my life from escaping. The agony of separation from You is like fire, my sighs fan it as a gust of wind and in between stands my body like a heap of cotton, which would have been consumed in an instant. But my eyes, in their own interest (i.e., for being enabled to feast themselves on Your beauty) rain a flood of tears; that is why the body fails to catch the fire of desolation.’ Sita’s distress is so overwhelmingly great, and You are so compassionate to the afflicted, that it is better not to describe it.”

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