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Weird News

Weird News

Top Weird News: Funny Offbeat News For Students & Children

The source for all things bizarre, strange and odd in the world. Check out the latest unusual headlines. The best strange but true tales that have to be read to be believed at 4to40.com

  1. Lucknow Uber Driver Sings ‘Nazar Ke Saamne’ 18/09/2019
  2. Telangana Goats Arrested For Grazing Saplings 14/09/2019
  3. Bhopal frog couple divorced to stop rains 12/09/2019
  4. Teacher Makes Kids Wear Boxes To Prevent Cheating 07/09/2019
  5. Gymnast Nadia Comaneci Praises School Kids 02/09/2019
  6. Internet Sensation Ranu Mondal Records Song With Himesh 25/08/2019
  7. Iran gym plays Tamil song for warm up 15/08/2019
  8. Vicky Roy: Homeless In Delhi To Forbes Under 30 13/08/2019
  9. Pune’s donkey who is winning hearts with her singing 08/08/2019
  10. Smart Bangle For Women’s Safety, Sends Shock Wave 08/08/2019
  11. Monkey Closes Tap After Drinking Water. Lesson For Humans 06/08/2019
  12. Pakistani Journalist Reports From Neck-Deep Water 31/07/2019
  13. Flight Attendant In Overhead Compartment Shocks Passengers 31/07/2019
  14. Indian family steals from Bali hotel, gets busted 28/07/2019
  15. Rahul Bose Paid Rs. 442.50 For 2 Bananas 25/07/2019
  16. Woman Boards Luggage Belt Assuming It Would Take Her To The Plane 20/07/2019
  17. Kenya MP returns to repay college debt of Rs 200 to Aurangabad grocer 11/07/2019
  18. Man Wears 15 Shirts To Avoid Excess Baggage Fee 10/07/2019
  19. Girl Falls From 2nd Floor, Caught By Teenager 28/06/2019
  20. Tribute To Shivaji, Visible On Google Maps 23/06/2019
  21. British Selling Jhalmuri Outside The Oval Stadium 13/06/2019
  22. Driver Coats Car With Cow Dung To Cool It 27/05/2019
  23. Tuk Tuk Running At 120 Sets World Record 16/05/2019
  24. Boy Dancing In Delight After Getting Prosthetic Leg 10/05/2019
  25. 50 Ghost Cities Of China Where No One Lives 05/05/2019
  26. #BarbershopGirls Of UP Smashes Stereotypes 02/05/2019
  27. Indian Teen’s Brilliant Performance Wows ‘Britain’s Got Talent’ Judges 27/04/2019
  28. Bizarre World Of Russian Competitive Slapping 22/04/2019
  29. What If Everyone Went Vegan? Watch Video 22/04/2019
  30. Pakistani Artistes Rap For India, Pakistan Peace 11/04/2019
  31. Chuddies: Latest Indian Word in Oxford Dictionary 23/03/2019
  32. US Town Elects Lincoln A Goat As Mayor 09/03/2019
  33. Donald Trump Dances To Ranveer Singh’s Malhari 27/02/2019
  34. Man Bites Another Man Trying To Save Dog He Was Beating 16/02/2019
  35. This Mumbai Man Wants To Sue His Parents For Giving Birth To Him 07/02/2019
  36. Woman Spends 3 Days Trapped In Elevator At NY 30/01/2019
  37. Salman Khan Lookalike Spotted In Pakistan 21/01/2019
  38. Immigration Officers Find Man Smuggling Kittens In His Trousers 09/01/2019
  39. Narrow Escape For 2 Men As Truck Crashes Over Them 26/12/2018
  40. Chinese City Will Shame You In Cinema Hall If Failed To Pay Off Your Debts
  41. Controversial Yulin Dog Meat Festival
  42. Meet Pakistan’s Only Yoga Guru – Shamshad Haider
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Top Weird News in Hindi – विश्व की सबसे अजीबो-गरीब खबरें

  1. खटमल तलाश करने वाले डॉगी
  2. चंडीगढ़ में होगा साइकिल चालक का भी चालान
  3. यूनाइटेड किंगडम के इस पेड़ पर सिक्के लगाने से पुरी होती है मनोकामनाएं
  4. 24 घंटे फ्री 4G वाई-फाई इंटरनेट
  5. कर्नाटक के शिमोगा ज़िले में बसा मत्तूरु गाँव – जहाँ केवल संस्कृत बोली जाती है
  6. एक अंगूर की कीमत 315 डॉलर
  7. 60 लीटर दूध देने वाली गाय
  8. कूबर पेडीः ज़मीन के अंदर बसा है पूरा क़स्बा
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