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  1. Hyderabad Priest Carries Dalit Man Into Temple On His Shoulders
  2. Pakistan Groom came dressed in Crystal Tie, Golden Shoes Worth 25 Lakhs
  3. Shashi Tharoor Tweets Mahavir Jayanti Wishes With Buddha Pic
  4. 4.4 Feet Long Crocodile Rescued From Mumbai Drain
  5. Norway Weird News: Plane With 60 Plumbers On Board Turns Around After Toilet Breaks Down
  6. USA Weird News: Man Escapes Prison, Caught While Trying To Re-Enter With Food, Booze
  7. USA Weird News: Grumpy Cat Wins $710,000 In Lawsuit And That’s Her Happy Face
  8. USA Weird News: Thieves Set Off Fireworks In Mall To Steal Watch Worth 7 Lakhs
  9. China Weird News: Crane Driver Rescues Passengers After Bus Falls Into River
  10. Taiwan Weird News: Mistakenly Prints 200,000 Passports With Image Of US Airport
  11. Boy Flung Out Of Car On Collision – Video
  12. Dare To Walk On ‘World’s Longest Glass Bridge’? See Video
  13. Ireland Teen Accidentally Empties Mum’s Bank Account Playing FIFA
  14. In China – SUV Smashes Through Hotel Door: Video
  15. Man Loses Camera To Sneaky Seagull. Finds It 5 Months Later With This Video
  16. ‘Blade Runner’ Legs Give Dog New Lease Of Life
  17. Yanshou County Chinese Fell From A Building, Twice. And Survived. Watch
  18. Chinese Zoo Promised Penguins: What visitors saw left them disappointed
  19. Denied Hotel Room, Man Blasts Receptionist With Fire Extinguisher – Video
  20. After Dinner Date, He Stole Her Credit Card, Laptop. Then Went Shopping
  21. US Man Steals Ferrari, Arrested while Begging For Petrol
  22. Stinky socks get 27-year-old bus passenger arrested in Himachal Pradesh
  23. Chinese Couple Found Carrying 200 Live Cockroaches
  24. Sick Of Traffic, China Man Repaints Road Markings
  25. Pakistani Teen Can Turn His Head 180 Degrees
  26. Herd of 8 Donkeys Jailed For 4 Days In Uttar Pradesh
  27. Donkeys named after Ram Rahim, Honeypreet sold at Rs 11,000 in Ujjain fair
  28. Pakistan barber uses 15 scissors at once to give a haircut
  29. Zambia Weird News: Baboon cuts power to 50,000 customers
  30. Tamil Nadu Offbeat News: Chennai Doctors Remove Live Cockroach From Woman’s Skull
  31. Pakistan court bans Valentine’s Day celebrations
  32. Colombian Weird News: Medellin couple has been living in gutter for 22 years
  33. UAE Weird News: Saudi Prince books airplane seats to fly his 80 pet falcons
  34. Vietnam Weird News: Scissors Removed From Man’s Belly After 18 Years
  35. Maharashtra Offbeat News: Thane doctors halt surgery to click cockroaches
  36. Saudi Arabia Weird News: Baby born on plane bags free air tickets for life
  37. UP Weird News: Kanpur hungry goat chews up owner’s Rs 66,000
  38. Thailand Weird News: Bangkok Fat monkey sent to weight loss camp
  39. Madhya Pradesh Weird News: Sagar 700 brides at a mass marriage ceremony received mogri in present
  40. Pakistan Weird News: Punjab man lifts 6 bricks with his teeth
  41. USA Weird News: Washington married couple struggling to conceive discover they’re twins!
  42. Vietnam Weird News: VietJet hot air hostesses dress in bikinis
  43. Pakistan Weird News: Sheikhupura newlywed misses wife so much he forces flight to turn around
  44. USA Weird News: Florida pig understands English and Spanish
  45. China Offbeat News: Beijing Tackles Toilet Paper Theft With Facial Recognition
  46. Pakistan Weird News: Multan groom makes grand entrance at wedding atop a lion
  47. Uttar Pradesh Offbeat News: Kanpur Traffic Police tow bike with owner
  48. Philippines Weird News: Strange Creatures Keep Washing Ashore
  49. Japanese Trend Involves Swaddling Adults From Head To Toe
  50. Pakistan court bans Valentine’s Day celebrations
  51. Tamil Nadu Offbeat News: Chennai Doctors Remove Live Cockroach From Woman’s Skull
  52. Colombian Weird News: Medellin couple has been living in gutter for 22 years
  53. UAE Weird News: Saudi Prince books airplane seats to fly his 80 pet falcons
  54. Vietnam Weird News: Scissors Removed From Man’s Belly After 18 Years
  55. Maharashtra Offbeat News: Thane doctors halt surgery to click cockroaches
  56. UK Weird News: UK male to have a baby
  57. Awesome Story of dog accompanying Sabarimala pilgrim on 600km journey
  58. Andhra Funny Odd News: TDP MLA claims to have studied physics, maths for his B.Com
  59. Telangana Offbeat News: Hyderabad’s Crazy Weed Farm in 3BHK
  60. Gujarat Weird News: Surat Tea Snack Vendor Has Property Worth 650 Crores
  61. Gujarat Motivational News: Surat Family Has Been Organising Mass-Weddings For 5 Years Now
  62. Hyderabad – 8,000 KG gold imported into in November
  63. Bengaluru Uber Rider Creates A Record Of 3135 Rides In 2016
  64. China’s richest man looking for successor for his $92 billion empire after son refuses
  65. Guests Served Tea And Groom Takes Home ₹11 At Wedding
  66. Man posts Facebook invite for daughter’s birthday, 1.2 million to ‘attend’
  67. Maharashtra Weird News: Mumbai Congress Office Owes 2 Lac Rs. to Neighbourhood Chaiwalla
  68. Delhi Trader Sold ₹100 cr Worth Gold In Just 4 Hours
  69. MBAs And B.Techs Clean Drains To Qualify As Sweepers
  70. Man punches kangaroo to save pet dog
  71. Meet Obama lookalike but it’s Made in China
  72. Mangaluru fridge ensures that needy get one square meal a day
  73. Kanpur Woman Stands In Queue For Cash, Delivers Baby Inside Bank
  74. Vijayawada IAS officer spends Rs 500 on her wedding, returns to duty within 48 hours
  75. Going for Cinema – First stand up & sing National Anthem
  76. Indian Walked 1,000 Kms Over Two Years To Get A Flight Ticket Back Home
  77. Florida Drunk driver runs truck over his own leg
  78. In Hyderabad, Ravi Babu takes piggy to bank
  79. WhatsApp users fall for ‘UN’ hoax on new 2000 rupee note
  80. Allahabad Woman Says She Loves And Wants To Marry Rahul Gandhi
  81. Chennai Bankers try to launder Rs 25 lakh, arrested
  82. Jharkhand Paanwala stumped by Rs 10 cr in his bank account
  83. India tops ranking for selfie deaths, 76 lives lost since 2014
  84. Guntakal Hospital Denies Stretcher – Wife Drags Sick Husband To First Floor
  85. Mumbai Goon Used His Own Poop To Keep Cops Away
  86. Greater Noida Thieves return Rs 500 notes, slap man for not keeping 100s
  87. 13 Ways to Convert Black Money Into White Even After Demonetisation
  88. Chikmagalur Vegetable Vendor Duped With Fake ₹2,000 Note
  89. In Bareilly, Sacks Of Burnt ₹500 & ₹1,000 Notes Found
  90. Hyderabad Man Carries Wife’s Body On Pushcart For 60 Km
  91. Gulbarga Devotees Offer Garlands Of Footwear To Goddess
  92. Tokyo woman seriously injured after fart sparks fire
  93. Man changes name to ‘iPhone 7’ for free phone
  94. Shenzhen Woman makes her 20 boyfriends buy her an iPhone each; sells them to purchase a home
  95. UN Building Lights Up For Diwali For The First Time
  96. Parrot exposes husband’s affair with maid to wife
  97. Abnormal cobbler’s music makes him an internet sensation!
  98. ‘Tortoise and Hare’ raced in real life – guess who won!
  99. Tucson man stuck in chimney after locking himself out
  100. Thane school’s exam question stumps students
  101. Almora Temple Has Made Aadhaar Card Mandatory To Get Married
  102. Barara Ravana stands tallest in World
  103. Fuzhou Woman Takes Man For Walk On A Leash
  104. Patna Man Providing Free Food / Medicines To Abandoned Patients For 20 Years
  105. Dhaka Baby Girl Presumed Dead, Shocks Crowd By Crying At Her Burial
  106. Gujarat Businessman To Educate The Children Of All 18 Soldiers Killed By Terrorists In Kashmir
  107. Ranchi Govt Hospital Patient Made To Eat Off The Floor
  108. Moscow Woman Claims Pokemon GO Creature Raped Her
  109. Bengaluru Man Alleges Wife Is Married To Six Others
  110. Miss Japan speaks Bengali, listens Hindi music, loves Bollywood
  111. Dholpur Govt. Hospital where IV bottles hang from tree
  112. Dubai Weird News: Indian Mechanic Now Owns 22 Apartments In Burj Khalifa
  113. Former Hockey Coach Now Sells Tracksuits For A Living
  114. Assam Thieves end up stealing passbook machine instead of ATM
  115. Mumbai Girl Rejected By IIT, Gets Through MIT
  116. Live Crocodile Falls From Sky Into Woman’s Garden
  117. Peshawar Shoemaker Jailed For Designing Deer Skin Sandals For Shah Rukh Khan
  118. Selling Rio Silver Medal To Help 3-Year-Old Cancer Patient
  119. Amritsar Police constable swallows 40 knives, blames ‘spiritual powers’
  120. Don’t Look Down From This Terrifying Glass Skywalk
  121. Noida kid cycles 450km in 4 days to meet father
  122. Straddling Bus On China’s Roads
  123. Allahabad School Won’t Play National Anthem
  124. Gurgaon woman who owns Rs 3cr house, SUVs sells chole-kulche on road
  125. Godman Who Wears 12 Kg Of Gold Jewellery
  126. Gujarat Billionaire’s Son Waits Tables in Kochi
  127. Daughters Reunited With Mother In Hyderabad After 28 Years
  128. Your Beard Or My Life, Threatens Wife Of Muslim Cleric
  129. Journalist Broadcasts Report From Inside Grave
  130. Controversial Yulin Dog Meat Festival
  131. Meet Pakistan’s Only Yoga Guru – Shamshad Haider
  132. Meet Arsh Ali – 16 years old India’s youngest archaeologist
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Top Weird News in Hindi – विश्व की सबसे अजीबो-गरीब खबरें

  1. खटमल तलाश करने वाले डॉगी
  2. चंडीगढ़ में होगा साइकिल चालक का भी चालान
  3. यूनाइटेड किंगडम के इस पेड़ पर सिक्के लगाने से पुरी होती है मनोकामनाएं
  4. 24 घंटे फ्री 4G वाई-फाई इंटरनेट
  5. कर्नाटक के शिमोगा ज़िले में बसा मत्तूरु गाँव – जहाँ केवल संस्कृत बोली जाती है
  6. डारिया मारशेनको ने गोलियों से बना दी पुतिन की तस्वीर
  7. इटली के इस गांव के भीतर बीमार पड़ना मना है
  8. हर कर्मचारी को बोनस में दिए डेढ़ अरब रुपये
  9. एक अंगूर की कीमत 315 डॉलर
  10. 60 लीटर दूध देने वाली गाय
  11. कूबर पेडीः ज़मीन के अंदर बसा है पूरा क़स्बा
  12. कार्टूनिस्ट ने बनायीं चीन राष्ट्रपति की मूंछ, हुआ गिरफ्तार
  13. खौलते तेल से भरे कढ़ाही में बैठ गए भिक्षु
  14. इस घर को खरीदने पर बीवी मिलेगी ‘मुफ्त’
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