Oh! My God

Oh! My God

People start to shrink

Did you know that people start to shrink after the age of about thirty? They don’t shrink very much though, so your parents are not likely to vanish!


Percentage of pollution by Cars

Eighteen per cent of all global carbon dioxide emissions are from cars.


Person without water

A person can live without food for about a month, but only about a week without water. If the amount of water in your body is reduced by just 1%, you’ll feel thirsty. If it’s reduced by 10%, you’ll die.


Pig’s Tongue

Pig’s Tongue contains 15,000 taste buds. For comparison, the human tongue has 9,000 taste buds.


Placement of a donkey’s eyes

The placement of a donkey’s eyes in its’ heads enables it to see all four feet at all times!


Playing Card Manufacturers

To commemorate ratification of the 19th Amendment in 1920, U.S. playing card manufacturers replaced “staffs” with “hearts” as the fourth suit in the deck. The world soon followed.


Poisoned arrows

Some South American frogs have poison in their skin, although the poison is not always deadly. They are known as arrow-poison frogs because Indian hunters use the poison to tip their arrows.


Poisonous Bite

The Gila monster is one of the two poisonous lizards in the world. When it bites its prey, such as mice and rabbits, it squirts poison down through grooves in its teeth.


Poisonous Spider

The most poisonous spider of all is probably the American black widow. The female is more dangerous than the male. Its bite is extremely painful and sometimes causes death.


Polar Bears Weight

Male polar bears weight 1400 pounds and females only weight 550 pounds, on average.

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