Oh! My God

Oh! My God

Hedgehog’s Heart

On average a hedgehog’s heart beats 300 times a minute.


Helena’s hummingbird

Helena’s hummingbird, which lives in Cuba, is the smallest bird in the world. Its wings make a bee like hum as they beat at 100 times in a second. Hummingbird eats twice its weight in food every day. Hummingbird can even fly backward. It lays the smallest eggs (They are large compared with the size of the bird).


Hello Kitty

“Hello Kitty” began as part of a covert propaganda campaign originally proposed by Prime Minister Tojo during World War II.


Helping with the Reading Habit

Jeanette Golden works with her labrador at Chevy Chase Elementry School. Jeanette and Dune combine their talents helping 3rd grader Arturo Gomez, 9, with his reading problems. As part of the READ programme, dogs from the National Capital Thearpy Dogs help ease the tension some children have with reading.


Highest cliffs in the world

The highest cliffs in the world are in Hawaii. They rise just over 1,000m (3,281ft) from the sea that is nearly four times as high as Canary Wharf. If you threw a huge stone off the top, it would take about 15 seconds before you heard the splash.


Highest high tides

There are two high tides every day. The highest high tides are in the Bay of Fundy between Nova Scotia and New Brunswick on the east coast of Canada. Here the water level at high tide can be 14.5m (47ft) above that at low tide – that is nearly as high as a five storey house.


Highest Mountain of Land

Mount Everest is the highest mountain of land. It is 8,848m (29,030 ft) high. That is 20 times as high as the Sears Tower in Chicago.


Highest mountains in the world

The top 109 highest mountains in the world are all in Asia and 96 of them are in the Himalayas.


Highest tides in Britain

The highest tides in Britain are on the Severn Estuary, just where the M4 crosses the river. Here, the high tide mark can be nearly 12.5m (41ft) above the low tide nearly deep enough to cover three double decker buses, one on the top of the other.


Hippopotamus run faster

A hippopotamus can run faster than a man.

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