Oh! My God

Oh! My God

Left-handed Polar Bears

Animals are either right- or left-handed? Polar bears are always left-handed, and so is Kermit the Frog.



Arizona’s Bristle cone pine is younger if compared with some lichens. It is estimated that some lichens in the Antarctic may be 10,000 years old. If it is right then these lichens started growing during the Ice Age.


Life span of a frog

The longest life span of a frog was 40 years.


Like a torpedo

The sailfish is probably the fastest fish. To reach its top speed of 110 km/hr it folds its fins, even the big one, into grooves on its body so that it is more streamlined.


Like a twig

Many caterpillars use camouflage to hide them from their enemies. The geometer moth caterpillar look just like twigs, and can hold themselves at an angle from plant stems as if they were growing. They even have bump that look like bud.


Living together

The tuatara is just like a reptile that lived millions of years ago, even before the dinosaurs. Today it only lives in New zealand, where it often shares a petrel’s burrow. In the day, the tuatara may even be left with a baby chick while the mother hunts for food.


Long-distance runner

The African ostrich makes up for not being able to fly by running faster than anyother bird. Its strong thighs and long legs enable it to run at 50 km/hr for as long as half an hour, and it can reach 70 km/hr for a short burst.


Longest river in the United Kingdom

The longest river in the United Kingdom is the River Severn. At only 354 km (220 miles) long it is a mere stream compared with the world’s greatest rivers.


Look at the setting sun

When it goes dark tonight have a look at the setting sun and rising moon. You may notice that they look bigger than when they are high in the sky. The reason is an optical illusion caused by the atmosphere.


Looking behind without turning its head

The only 2 animals that can see behind itself without turning its head are the rabbit and the parrot.

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