Oh! My God

Oh! My God

Lumberjacks at work

Beavers build their home, or lodge, with wood and mud in lakes and rivers. They cut down trees by gnawing thr truncks with their teeth. First the beavers cut the trees into pieces. Then they drag or roll them into the water and build a dam to make a deep pool. They build their lodge in the pool, using sticks and mud. It has entrance underwater, and twigs and bark are stored nearby for food.


Male Mountain Lion

A full-grown male mountain lion may be 9 feet long, including his tail!


Mammal that can’t jump

The elephant is the only mammal that can’t jump!


Mars – The Red Planet

Mars is nicknamed the “Red Planet,” because it looks reddish in the night sky. Mars has 2 moons.


Maruti Traffic Jam

The Maruti is one of India’s best selling cars. Over 5 million have been sold since first one was produced back in 1982. Suppose one million Marutis set off from Edinburg south to London and on across the channel towards Germany. Each Maruti is 3m (10ft) long. Suppose they travelled bumper to bumper with no space between them , then the first car would have reached Moscow 3,000km (1,875 miles) away.


Mathematical Mystery

Take any four figures-e.g. 7694-reverse their order and subtract them:

7694 – 4967 = 2727

Now add all the digits together and the answer will always come to 9.





In the late ‘90s, Microsoft secretly developed its own version of Linux, but shelved it after quality control researchers deemed it “too stable.”


Million Coins of $1

A million is someone who owns $1 million. If a millionaire changed all their money into $1 coins and pilled them up on the top of one another, do you know how high do they reach – Oops!
The millionaire’s pile would be 3,000m (9,843ft) high. That’s more than twice as high as England’s tallest mountain (Ben Nevis) and nealy a third as high as Mount Everest, the highest mountain in the world.


Million Earthquakes

Almost a million earthquakes occur in one year. Of these, a large earthquake occurs every two weeks under the sea.

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