Oh! My God

Oh! My God

Streamlined Swimmer

Heaviside’s dolphin is little more than a metre long and probably the smallest mammal in the sea. A dolphin’s streamlined shape helps it to reach speeds of up to 40 kph as it chases after fish and squid. It can jump right out of the water.


Stripes for stalking

A tiger’s stripes help to break up the outline of its body and make it hard to see. They also look like shadows as the tiger stalks through long grass in the moonlight. Tigers live in Asia. Those that live in hot countries often sit in shallow water to keep cool. Tigers in very cold countries have thick shaggy coats to keep them warm.


Strongest Magnet in the Universe

A neutron star is the strongest magnet in the Universe.


Surface of Planet Jupiter

Planet Jupiter has no solid surface. It is made up of hydrogen and helium and has only layers of gaseous clouds.


Surprise Tactics

The fire-bellied toad turns on its back when it is alarmed to display its bright belly. This sudden show of color is often enough to startle its enemy. It is also a warning that the toad’s skin is poisonous.


Swift – fastest birds

Swifts are the fastest birds and they can travel faster across ground than any other animal. They fly up to 160 kmp (100 mph) and could overtake all the traffic on the motorway. Swift can stay in the air for two to three years at a time. They feed, drink, mate and even sleep while airborne.


Swordfish – Deadly weapon

Swordfish use their long pointed snout to kill their prey. They rush at a shoal of smaller fish at high speed, swiping the fish with their sword to stun them. if they feel threatened by another fish, they use their sword to ram it.


Tallest cacti

The tallest cacti are the giant Saguaros. They grow up to 18m (59 ft) tall, about the height of a six-storey building.


Temperature at the centre of the Earth

The temperature at the centre of the Earth is estimated to be 5,500 degrees Celsius.


Temperature control by Clouds

Without clouds and other constituents of the earth’s atmosphere, the surface of our planet would reach a temperature of 176 degree centigrade at the equator by day and 220 degree centigrade by night!

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