Oh! My God

Oh! My God

Million Pages Book

Do you know how thick a boock will be – if it contains Million pages in it? It would be 70m thick – as high as a 23 – storey skyscraper!


Million Stars

This block has 50 stars in it. 1,000 stars take up the whole page. To show 1,000,000 stars you would need to cover the floor, the walls and the ceiling of the average sitting room (4m by 3m by 2.5m high / 13ft by 10ft by 8ft high).


Monkey tricks

In Japan, where macaque monkey live, the winters are very cold. The Japanese macaques have shaggy coats to keep them warm and some keep out the cold by sitting in the hot water from volcanic springs.


Monsterin the Mountains

Huge footprints have been found in the snow of the Himalayas and some people claim to have seen a monster, half person, half monkey, but no-one has ever captured such creature. The most likely explanation is that the prints were made by the huge Moon bear.


More dogs than people

Paris, France has more dogs than people.


Most post offices

India has the most post offices in the world.


Moth Caterpillar – red in the face

When the puss moth caterpillar is distrubed, it lifts up its red face, and two long red ‘whips’ flick out of its tail. It also produces a smelly fluid, which it can even spray at its attacker.


Mount Kenya is on the Equator

Mount Kenya is on the Equator, but its peak, 5,199m (17,058ft) above sea level, is always covered in snow.


Mountain giant

The giant panda lives only in bamboo forest in a remote, mountainous corner of China. It spends most of the day on the ground, feeding on bamboo, but it can climb trees. In winter it shelters from the snow in caves and hollow trees.


Mt. Erebus – Volcano in Antarctica

Antarctica also has one active volcano. It is called Mt. Erebus and it emits steam and gives out ash even though it is in a snowy region.

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