Oh! My God

Oh! My God

Dandruff by flaking skin

Fish have “dandruff” caused by flaking skin, and it is impossible to filter all traces of it from drinking water.


Danger in the desert

The North American harvester ants can give people a nasty sting. They live in deserts, where they build volcano-shaped nests in the sand. the ants feed on grass seeds.


Darting flight

Dragonflies are also fast-flying insects, especially the darter dragonflies which are named after the way they dart about.


Dead or Alive?

Some snakes, like grass snake, escape capture by pretending to be dead already. Most meat-eating animals only feed on freshly-killed prey, and avoid animals that may have been dead for some time.


Death in disquise

The well-camouflaged stone fish lives in warm seas, where it lies hidden on coral reefs. If its spines are touched they give out a poison which can kill a person in a few minutes.


Deserts have many poisonous snakes

Deserts have many poisonous snakes or scorpions, but few people are killed by them. More people die from mosquito bites than from all the other bites and stings put together.


Designed for speed

Pronghorn antelopes live on the open plains of  the western United States. Their lungs and heart are large which enables them to run at a fast, steady speed for long distance. they can keep going at 56 kmph for 6 kilometres.


Did you know that goose-berries have nothing to do with geese at all?

The world comes from the Old English word gorst meaning rough or prickly, because the fruit grows on a bush with prickly spines and thorns.


Did you know that there is a sort of crab, which can climb trees?

It is called the coconut crab, because it eats coconuts, which it finds by climbing the palm trees where the nuts grow.


Do you enjoy crosswords?

In the 1920s they were so popular that trains in America were supplied with puzzles and dictionaries in each compartment.

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