Oh! My God

Oh! My God

Closest living relative of Tyrannosaurus Rex

Down in those jungle swamps a survivor from the Stone Age lurks. Experts say that crocodile is probably the closest living relative of Tyrannosaurus Rex, which makes it nearly 195,000,000 years old!


Closing Sea

The Mediterranean Sea is closing up, but very slowly. Every year North America moves a centimetre or two closer to Italy, Greece and France.


Cockle shells come in various sizes, but have you ever wondered how they grow?

As it gets older the cockle just adds another layer to its outer shell. To work out their age you can count the rings on them just like a tree.


Coldest Continent

Antarctica is COLDEST continent, averaging minus 76 degrees in the winter.


Colorful tale

Here’s colorful tale: the South American Tinamou known as the Easter Egg Bird-lays multi-colored eggs in blue, green, pink, yellow and purple.


Comet Hale-Bopp

Comet Hale-Bopp was the most watched comet of the 20th century. It had its closest approach to the Earth on March 22, 1997. Researchers predict that the comet will come near the Earth not before the year 4397.


Common names of Mountain Lions

Mountain lions are known by more than 100 names, including panther, catamount, cougar, painter and puma. It’s scientific name is Felis concolor, which means “cat of one color.” At one time, mountain lions were very common!


Country with greatest number of Telephones

The country with the greatest number of telephones is the United States of America, with an estimated 168 million instruments, in some 96 out of every 100 household. Second largest number is in Japan, with the United Kingdom third.


Crocodile – strong Digestive juices

A crocodile’s tongue is attached to the roof of its mouth? It cannot move. It cannot chew but its Digestive juices are so strong that it can digest a steel nail, Glass pieces, etc.


Cuckoo clever enough

Cuckoo pass on the difficult business of hatching eggs and feeding the young to other birds. The female looks for a nest full of eggs and pushes one of them out. She then lay her eggs in its place. When the baby cuckoo is born, it too pushes out its rivals. Eventually the baby cuckoo is the only one in the nest and the foster parent continue to work hard to feed it, even though it may grow to be many times bigger than themselves.

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