Oh! My God

Oh! My God

Albatross’s glide

Did you know that an albatross can glide for up to six days in mid-air without beating it’s wings, and that it can take a nap while doing so?


All under one roof

Social weaver birds live in Africa. In the breeding season, many pairs come together to build their nests. They build one huge domed roof of grass and straw. Then each pair builds its own nest under the roof, each with its own entrance.


Amazing Survival

This water-holding frog lives in the desert. When it rains, the frog absorbs water through its skin. Then it burrows into the sand, where it can stay for over two years until the next rainfall.


Amount of Water

If you could weigh all the water that falls on a single acre of land during one inch of rainfall, it would weigh 113 tons — that is 226,000 pounds. The amount of water on earth has remained the same since the planet was created some 4,500 million years ago.


An Island from Nowhere

In 1963 the sea to the south west of Iceland began to boil and bubble. Slowly the island of Surtsey rose through the water. It was made of molten lava from a volcano. The lava cooled and plant seeds blown across the sea soon began to grow there.

Islands made of Shells: Coral reefs are made up of the skeletons of millions of tiny animals. Sometimes the reef forms a circle, or atoll, with sea water in the middle.


Angel Falls in Venezuela

Angel Falls in Venezuela is the highest waterfall in the world. It drops 979m (3,212 ft), two and a half times the height of the Empire State Building (381m/1,250 ft) and more than four times the height of Canary Wharf (228m/748ft).


Animal Giants

The animal giant of all time, the blue whale, is about 30 times heavier than the largest land animal. It is not by chance that this record breaker should live in the sea. No land animal could ever reach that size because its weight would crush its bones. The water supports the whale’s massive bulk.


Ants on march

A column of army ants may consist of 150,000 insects and take several hours to march past one spot. They prey on almost any animal that cannot escape from them.


Australian Eucalyptus

The tallest tree in the world is the Australian eucalyptus tree which grows up to 114 m (374 ft) high, higher than St. Paul’s cathedral. If it were possible, you could lean over the balcony on the 38th floor of a rise block and touch the top leaves of the tree.


Average efficiency of Vehicles

The global average efficiency of vehicles is 5 km to a litre. Japan and Western Europe manage an average of up to 11 km.

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