Oh! My God

Oh! My God


In Altadena, California, There is banana club and museum dedicated to Bananas with over 17,000 Banana-related artifacts!


Great Glider

The wandering albatross has the largest wing span of any bird, about as wide as two adult’s outstretched arms. Its long thin wings allow it to glide for hours over the sea.


Green Coca-Cola

Coca-Cola would be green if colouring weren’t added to it.


Growing Traffic

There are about 400 million cars and light trucks in the world today. In 1950, there were 50 million.


Guardian Angle

Though Ashis was born in an affluent family in Calcutta, the slums just across the street made him aware from an early age of appalling lack of access to medical care. People in these slums ‘dropped dead like flies.’ That decided his life’s mission. While in his teens Ashis started a door-to-door collection drive, picking up medicines from neighbours and distributing them amongst those who couldn’t afford them. His ‘Medical Bank’ began with 100 homes in 1980. Today his health service picks up medicine samples from over 500 doctors in the city and runs a free outdoor service with 25 doctors treating a hundred patients each day. The bank has 50 donors on its rolls, each of which bears the cost of treatment of one patient. It has also signed up 1,000 locals, each of whom buys a pair of spectacles for patients who need them. Ashis also organizes monthly health camps for slum and street children. Ashis’ example shows that if you are concerned, you can show it!


Hajabba sells oranges to set up village school

Citizen hero Hajabba is a 47-year-old illiterate fruit seller but he has set up a school in his village in Mangalore, Karnataka. His source of capital was the money he earned selling oranges and the meagre amount doled out by the gram panchayat. Over several years, he managed to collect enough funds to set up the much-needed school, in addition to taking care of a family of five.


Hatching of Eggs

Most birds build a nest in which female lays her eggs then sits on them until they hatch. A finch has to wait only 12 days for her eggs to hatch, but a royal albatross has to sit for a staaggering 79 days.


Have you ever wondered how postmen deal with angry dogs?

In America, animals experts once gave them a tip: if they took off their hats and put them over their faces, dogs would confused long enough to allow them to escape. If, of course, they could see where they were going!


Have you heard about the strange craze in 1890?

More than 18,000 mummified cats were sold in Liverpool, England. Everyone wanted to own one. There were so many that the auctioneer used one instead of a hammer. Twenty tones of them were shipped from Egypt where they were discovered in a 2000 year old tomb.



Your heart beats over 100,000 times a day!

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