Oh! My God

Oh! My God

Homeless Japanese crested ibis

The Japanese crested ibis is almost extinct, although large numbers used to live in Russia, China and Japan. They nest and feed in wet, wooded areas. As more and more land has been drained and forests cleared, the bird’s natural habitat has disappeared. Today only a handful of crested ibises are left. They live on a tiny japanese island.


House flies

House flies are a nuisance, are not they? But they weigh very little indeed. In fact, a thousand house flies weigh less than one ounce.


How big are the heaviest hailstones?

As big as golf ball? No, much bigger. In April 1986, huge balls of ice fell from sky and crashed to ground in Gopalganj in Bangladesh. They weighed nearly 1kg(2.2lbs) and must have been about the size of small honeydew melons. They killed 92 people.


How fast do humming birds wing beat?

Humming birds are the smallest feathered creatures on the planet, are also the fastest wing-beaters. The beating is so speedy it looks like a blur. With a slow motion camera, it can almost be counted-50 to 75 beats per second! Hummingbirds can even fly backwards, something no other bird can do.


How much time take an oyster to make a pearls?

An oyster take seven years to make one pearl.


Huge but Harmless

The rare blue whale which can live for up to 100 years, is the largest and heaviest animal in the world. A fully-grown blue whale may be 30 metres long, much bigger and heavier than any dinosaur that ever lived. Even a newborn blue whale is bigger than an adult elephant. Yet this monster mammal only eats tiny shrimp-like animals, called krill.


Humming Bird Egg Vs. Ostirch Egg

The bee hummingbird’s eggs are only about 1cm (1/2 in) long. An ostrich egg on the other hand, is usually about 18cm (7in) long. It would take over 4,000 hummingbirds eggs to equal the weight of one ostrich egg.


Hungry swarm

Locusts fly in huge swarms to find food. They may travel 5,000 kilometres, eating thousands of tonnes of green plants on the way. Desert locusts in Africa destroys vast areas of crops every year.


Icy waters

Emperor penguins spend much of their time in the waters of the Antarctic, but they move on to the ice to breed. They cannot fly so they have to jump up out of the water.


Imagine a bee’s eye

Imagine over six thousand microscopes, each with a lens. Now imagine a bee’s eye. The eye has 6300 lenses too!

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