Oh! My God

Oh! My God

Oh My God — Amazing Facts: The Universe is an amazing place and there’s a lot of things that we will never know. Here is a collection such facts to improve children’s knowledge base.

182-member Family

123 -year old Malan Devi died in her village, Wazidiwal, six kilometers from Phagwara in Rajasthan (North-western India). She is survived by a 182-member family, which comprises sons, daughters, grandsons, etc.


21-inch tongue

A giraffe can clean its ears with its 21-inch tongue!


4 Noses

Slugs have 4 noses.


A blue Russian Cat

“I can see clearly now!” “Spooky.” A blue Russian Cat, and “George.” A Boston terrier, were the first animals in America to be fitted with prescription contact lenses!


A bright red, 12-inch long squid that lives 3,300 feet underwater

A bright red, squid is covered with tiny lights and spines was named “Vampyroteuteuthis infernails” or “Vampire squid from hell” by the scientists who discovered it!


A fairy Ring

Sometimes the toadstools grow in a ring. This is because the plant has used up all the nutrients under the centre of the circle and puts up fruiting bodies at the edge in a ring.

Rings yellowed and burnt looking grass have led some people to believe that a flying saucer has landed and taken off again, burning the grass with its exhaust. Actually it is caused by fungi.


A Fantastic Leap

The common flea, a tiny wingless insect, can jump 20 centimetres into the air. This means it jumps more than 130 times its own height. Fleas jump on to animals to feed on their blood.


A Hot Spot

Most birds sit on their eggs to incubate them, but not this common scrub hen. Instead, it uses the heat from volcanoes to keep its eggs warm. It buries its eggs in the side of a volcano on the pacific island where it lives.


A light in the dark

It is very dark in the depths of the oceans. Deep-water anglerfish have a special way to find their prey in the dark. A long spine with a kind of light at the end lures fish into their open mouth.


A million people – How many is that?

In 1916 in the First World War one million men were killed in one battle, the battle of Somme. In Britain in 1992 over three million people were unemployed. Suppose a million people decide to march in rows for four, 1.5m (5ft) apart, from Trafalgar Square in London, north to M1, where do you think the front of the column would be when the last people left? They would have marched 375km (234miles) before the millionth person left Trafalgar Square. They would have passed through Leeds and be within 6km (4miles) of Richmond in North Yorkshire.

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