Oh! My God

Oh! My God

Tristan da Cunha are over 2,000km

The people who live on Tristan da Cunha are over 2,000km (about 1,300 miles) from their nearest neighbours on the island of St. Helena. That’s nearly as far as Moscow is from London. Tristan da Cunha is in the South Atlantic Ocean nearly 3,000km (1864 miles) from the Southern tip of Africa.


Twice in the Blue Moon!

Remember the saying ‘Once in a blue moon?’ A ‘blue moon’ is the name given to the second full moon within the same month. A full moon normally appears twice a month every two-and-a-half year but only in 19 years does it occur in two months of the same calendar year. R. Subramaniam, Director of the Madhya Pradesh Birla Planetarium, announced that the moon had lit up the last night of Jan.1999 after appearing on the first night of the same month marking a once-in-a-19-year happening. The same phenomenon took place once again on March 1 and 31, 1999, marking a rare celestial event of two blue moons in a calendar year after a gap of 19 years.


Two little girls in Yorkshire

In 1917 two little girls in Yorkshire, England, took picture of what they said were fairies. This aroused such interest that famous scientists and public figures went up to Yorkshire to see if they could prove that the photographs were fakes. Much to everybody’s amazement, nobody could prove anything at all! In fact, it is still a mystery as to whether the pictures were genuine pictures of real fairies-and if they are fakes, how on earth did two young girls manage to do it and baffle all those experts?


Unable to Fly

Moths are unable to fly during an earthquake.


Underground Town

The prairie dog makes burrows which is called Town. The town may contain 1,000 animals, and it can stretch under the ground for miles.


Undersea Post Office

There was once an undersea post office in the Bahamas.


Unique Glider

A few animals, like the flying squirrel, have a flap of skin between their front and back legs which helps them glide from tree to tree. The colugo has a bigger cloak of skin, and it can glide twice as far- up to 100 metres.


US owns 35% of World’s cars

The US produces 25 per cent and owns 35 per cent of the world’s cars. Fifty per cent of vehicle trips in the US involve only the driver.


Valuable fur

Today only a few hundread snow leopards are left because human hunters have killed them all for their beautiful fur. Snow leopards live in the Himalayas, where they are now a protected species.


Venus – Jewel of the Sky

Venus is nicknamed the “Jewel of the Sky.” Because of the greenhouse effect, it is hotter than Mercury, even though it’s not as close to the sun. Venus does not have a moon but it does have clouds of sulfuric acid! If you’re gonna visit Venus, pack your gas mask!

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