Oh! My God

Oh! My God

Sharing a Bee’s nest

The greater honeyguide leads the ratel or honey badger, to a bee’s nest by calling out and flying in front of it. The ratel eats the honey, then the bird eats the honeycomb wax.


Sheep In New Zealand

New Zealand is home to 70 million sheep and only 40 million people.


Shy Forest Dwellers

The royal antelopes live in thick forests of West Africa. They are the smallest of the antelopes, only 25 or 30 centimetres high at the shoulder. They are agile, alert animals and will dart into the undergrowth at the slightest sound or smell of danger.


Silkworm makes its cocoon

When a silkworm makes its cocoon it spins more than 800 yards of silk in one unbroken length.


Size of Pacific Ocean

The Pacific Ocean is three times bigger than Asia, the biggest continent on Earth. It covers nearly one-third of the Earth’s surface. Its widest part is about 1,770 km or 11,000 miles. That distance would take you halfway around the world.


Sleep Standing

Horses often go to sleep standing up as well as lying down.


Smiling uses only 17 muscles

Did you know that smiling uses only 17 muscles while it takes 43 muscles to frown? So be happy-why waste energy?


Smoke Screen

A frightened squid squirts a kind of ink into the water. The ink spread out like a black cloud and hides the squid. Then the squid can escape. Some deep-sea squids make a luminous cloud to dazzle the enemy.


Snake in London Zoo

There was once a snake in London Zoo, which was fitted with a glass eye.

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