Guru Gobind Singh: The Birth

Guru Gobind Singh: The BirthGuru Gobind Singh Ji, Tenth Guru and Last of the Sikhs guru was born to Guru Tegh Bahadur and Mata Gujari Ji on December 26, 1666, at Patna Sahib in Bihar. Though he came into the world that day, the story of his birth began much earlier. Much Before his mortal birth, when he was in a state of bodiless spirit, he received the divine message to go into the world, and carry on the work of the ninth Guru of the Sikhs and his father-to-be, Guru Tegh Bahadur Singh. It was for this divine work that Guru Gobind Singh was sent into the world.

Birth of Guru Gobind Singh:

Guru Gobind Singh’s father, Guru Tegh Bahadur, wanted to spread the message of God and teach the significance of the Name to people of far flung areas. So he decided to undertake a tour of the eastern parts of India. He visited places like Agra, Banaras, Gaya and Allahabad. In Allahabad, Mata Gujari’s womb received the divine spirit and light of Guru Gobind Singh and she conceived the great soul. From Allahabad they passed Banaras, Sasaram, and Gaya and reached Patna in May 1666.

From there he had to leave for Assam and Bengal. Before leaving he told his wife that he must name his son Gobind. And it was on December 26 1666, that the tenth Guru of Sikhs was born. Following the instructions of Guru Tegh Bahadur the boy was named Gobind. Guru Tegh Bahadur was in Assam when he heard the good news of the birth of his son through a special messenger who came all the way from Patna with glad tidings. There were celebrations everywhere and large quantities of food and clothes were distributed among the poor. The Guru was overjoyed because he knew the child would grow up to preach the true religion and Name of the Immortal One.

Birth of Guru Gobind Singh
Birth of Guru Gobind Singh

On the same day, an unusual thing happened. A prominent saint of that period, known as Pir Bhikhan Shah of Karnal, instead of bowing to Mecca in the west bowed to Patna in the east. When his surprised disciples asked him the reason, he explained that in the city of Patna a great saint had been born who was to destroy evil, sin and false religion. In a few days he set out to meet the holy Guru. Reaching his doorstep, he asked Mata Gujari for a glimpse of the holy child. Since he had actually come from hundreds of miles she let him see the child. As soon as he saw the child-guru, he made a deep bow and placed two earthen pots of sweets before him, one of which he had bought from a Hindu’s shop and another from a Muslim’s shop. He did this to see which section of the people the Guru would favor. The child-Guru, at this point, put one hand on each as if to say that he would favor both. This pleased the Pir and he left for Punjab, as a satisfied man.

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