Dhanteras Puja: Hindu Culture & Tradition

Dhanteras Puja Procedure in Hindus

Dhanteras Puja Procedure in Hindus: Dhanteras, a Hindu festival is celebrated across the country one or two days before Diwali. Dhanteras is also referred to as Dhantrayodashi and it holds a great significance as it marks the beginning of Diwali.

Procedure to do Dhanteras Puja:

  • One deepak (diya) made out of atta/clay with 4 wicks
  • Wicks for the deepak (diya), oil/ghee, matchstick
  • Flowers, roli, chawal Water in panchpatra and a spoon
  • Pata & Aasan
  • Kheel & batasha
  • Dhoop (sambrani) & dhoop daan
  • Chopda with roli, chawal for applying tikka
  • Suhali, petha (shaker para) Vidhi / Method of Performing the Puja
  • In the evening, after seeing the star, the women of the house get together for puja. In some houses both men & women do the puja.
  • Oil / ghee is put in the deepak (diya) with the Four Wicks.
  • The Cowrie shell is placed on the deepak (diya).
  • The deepak (diya) is lit. This is referred as Yamadeep. This Deepak pleases Yamaraj and the pitars / departed ancestors of the family.
  • Some water from the panchpatra is sprinkled around the deepak, puja is performed with roli, chawal and money.
  • Four suhali and little pethas are offered.
  • Some people offer kheel and batasha.
  • Women performing the puja go around the deepak (diya) four times & do pranam.
  • The eldest woman of the family or unmarried girl of the house puts tilak from the roli in the chopda to everyone sitting for the puja.
  • One male staff member of the house, covers his head with a cloth, takes the lit deepak (diya) and keeps it outside on the right side of the main gate. This person is given dakshina.

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