Dhanteras - Hindu Festival

Dhanteras Festival Puja And Celebration

What is Dhanteras?

The every first day of Diwali celebrations is Dhanteras. The festival of Dhanteras is also referred to as Dhantrayodashi. Dhanteras marks the beginning of Diwali celebrations.

Dhanteras Festival Dates:

  • 2021: 02nd November, 2021 (Tuesday)
  • 2022: 23rd October, 2022 (Sunday)
  • 2023: 10th November, 2023 (Friday)

When to celebrate?

Dhanteras festival is celebrated on the 13th day of the month of ‘ashwin‘ i.e. two days before Diwali.

Why its is celebrated?

Dhantrayodashi is celebrated to seek blessings of Goddess Lakshmi, the goddess of wealth. In the amalgamation of Dhantrayodashi ‘Dhan’ means wealth. People and specially the rich community celebrate Dhanteras widely.

How is Dhantrayodashi celebrated?

Dhantrayodashi is regarded as an auspicious occasion to buy some gold or silver articles. Many people shop for new utensils for their household.

Dhanteras is ideal time for setting up businesses, commencing new projects, housewarming, deciding wedding dates, buying cars and jewellery. Today, exchange of Dhanteras gifts is extremely popular. Special gifts for Dhanteras flood the markets.

What is the legend behind Dhanteras?

Laxmi HouseThe legend behind Dhanteras is centered on the sixteen-year-old son of King Hima. As per his horoscope he was fated to breathe his last on the forth day of his marriage owing to snakebite. On the appointed day his wife illuminated the house with numerous lamps and placed a heap of gold and silver coins and ornaments in front of their bedroom. All through the night she sang songs and told stories. The lights of the lamps, and the dazzle of the coins and ornaments blinded the god of death, Yam Devta, who had come as a serpent. He spent the entire night in the heap listening to the sweet sounding songs before leaving peacefully the next morning. Thus, the wife succeeded in saving the life of her husband. This explains why the Dhanteras festival is also referred to as “Yamadeepdaan”.

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