Numerology Made Simple

Numerology Made Simple – Many people are fascinated about how numerology works. But certain basics are not hard to grasp. All you need is your date of birth. Simply add up the digits of your birth date to find out your birth number. For instance, if you are born on the 29th (of any month), it works like this – add 2 + 9 which comes to 11, and then add 1 + 1 i.e. 2. So your birth number is 2.

Numerology Made Simple:

1 – One

If your birth number is one, you will be inclined towards creative pursuits and will be a reservoir of new ideas. You would do quite well as a designer, group leader, film maker or inventor.

2 – Two

The number two is associated with harmony and togetherness. Dance, music, poetry and mathematics could be your best options. Number twos also make for great secretaries and researchers.

3 – Three

Versatility and openers are characteristics of number threes. Communication and entertainment are fields that you could explore and excel in. Acting, singing, writing and journalism are well suited career options for you. You could also consider fashion design or modeling.

4 – Four

If you are a number four, you are most likely to be a practical person with a lot of determination and inner strength. Going by that, you’d do very well as an engineer, builder, programmer, accountant, architect, ecologist or mechanic.

5 – Five

The number five as your birth number makes you an adventurer and is sure to take you places. Follow your dreams and steer clear of the beaten track to pursue careers in investigative journalist, publishing, advertising, stocks, travel writing or aviation.

6 – Six

Philanthropy comes naturally to you and being a service oriented person, you would enjoy being a teacher, social worker, medical professional, cook or civil servant.

7 – Seven

Number sevens are highly intuitive. You could do well as a scientist, psychiatrist, investigator, philosopher, detective or mystery writer.

8 – Eight

Leadership, besides a persuasive attitude is associated with number eight. If you are this number you’d love being a sales manager, banker, stockbroker, management consultant or athlete.

9 – Nine

Number nines have a good understanding of the human mind and are inspiring too. You could consider being a lecturer, physician, humanitarian, lawyer or artist. Deciding on your career according to your birth number will facilitate your growth. But if you are really inclined towards some other line of work, just go for it!

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