Rajesh Khanna

Master Number 11 Made Rajesh Khanna

Master Number 11 Made Rajesh Khanna — But why did India‘s first and only superstar suddenly disappear can only be answered best by his birth chart and numbers, in fact he revealed to me in 2003 when we met at Pune, that when his Saturn cycle commenced in 1974, it hit him quite bad, from which according to him he could never recover and he wanted to seriously understand why was it so.

And now when he is no more, again it was his last patch of sade satti which was to get over in September 2012., which he had revealed to me would be his last. In fact, his journey to stardom was guaranteed when he changed his name from Jatin to Rajesh Khanna which brought in the kabala vibration of 36, which is symbolized as “The Sceptre” which guarantees great rewards and a good harvest from creative faculties. Born on 29th (2 + 9) = 11, a master number in numerology, his unreduced birth date 29.12.1942 = 29 + 12 + 1942 = 29 + 12 + 16 = 57, he also died on 18.7.2011 = 18 + 7 + 4 = 29 which is the same as his birth date! His Mars dasha between 1969 to 1976 ensured blockbusters.

The numbers 2 and 7 followed him throughout his career and gave his some of best ever hits. Shooting to super fame with ARADHANA (adds to 20), under film producer Shakti Samanta, born on 19.1.1926, 19 + 1 + 18 = 38 = 11 whose number vibrated with Rajesh khanna’s master number 11, gave Rajesh Khanna his greatest hits in 1971, in his 29th year (adds to 11), like Kati Patang, Haathi Mere Saathi, and Anand whereas the character Anand (adds to 16 = 7), he played as a cancer patient who kept his humour in the face of adversity, immortalized him on screen and in real life too he died of cancer refusing to meet Amitabh Bachchan (Babumoshai in Anand) also a master number born on 11th, in the hospital in his last days. Laxmikant , who with Pyarelal gave him all time musical hits, born on 3.11.1937, adds to 3 + 11 + 20 = 34 = 7 and Rahul Dev Burman (adds to 52 = 7). The songs which immortalized him like the first date song, Mere Sapno Ke Rani (52 = 7), courtship song (O Mere Dil Ke chain = 56 = 11), intense love (Humein Tumse Pyaar Kitna = 11), foreplay (Roop Tera Mastaana = 11). His record of 16 (= 7), consecutive jubilee hits is still an unbroken record. He married Dimple Kapadia (kabala name adds to 43 = 7), at the height of his popularity in 1973 (= 20 = 2).

What led to his downfall then? It was retro Shani in the 10th house, which like in Napoleon’s chart caused ‘inflexibility’ and his Leo Moon and Leo Ascendant which cause a royal lifestyle, but Rahu with Moon in the ascendant doomed him, liquor ensured his Shani would finish him. Rajiv Puri, known motivational trainer, who in fact has three hour sessions on Rajesh Khanna, his life and success, in his workshops sums it up nicely saying that his inter-personal relationship index and likability index and inaccessibility sealed his fate, but he sums up saying, that despite all that, as in Rajesh Khanna’s last Havell ad, ‘nobody can take his fans away’.

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