भैया मेरे राखी के बंधन को निभाना: शैलेन्द्र

भैया मेरे राखी के बंधन को निभाना: शैलेन्द्र

भैया मेरे राखी के बंधन को निभाना: शैलेन्द्र – Chhoti Bahen is a 1959 Indian Hindi film that stars Nanda in the title role, Balraj Sahni and Rehman. The movie was a remake of the 1952 Tamil movie “En Thangai” which was later remade in Kannada in 1967 as “Onde Balliya Hoogalu” and in Telugu in 1967 as “Aada Paduchu”.

भैया मेरे राखी के बंधन को निभाना: लता मंगेशकर

भैया मेरे, राखी के बंधन को निभाना
भैया मेरे, छोटी बहन को ना भुलाना
देखो ये नाता निभाना
भैया मेरे राखी…

ये दिन ये त्यौहार खुशी का, पावन जैसे नीर नदी का
भाई के उजले माथे पे, बहन लगाए मंगल टीका
झूमे ये सावन सुहाना
भैया मेरे राखी के बंधन…

बाँध के हमने रेशम डोरी, तुमसे वो उम्मीद है जोड़ी
नाज़ुक है जो सांस के जैसे, पर जीवन भर जाए न तोड़ी
जाने ये सारा ज़माना
भैया मेरे राखी के बंधन…

शायद वो सावन भी आए, जो पहला सा रंग न लाए
बहन पराए देश बसी हो, अगर वो तुम तक पहुँच न पाए
याद का दीपक जलाना…


Movie: छोटी बहन (1959)
Music: शंकर जयकिशन
Lyrics: शैलेन्द्र
Singer(s): लता मंगेशकर

छोटी बहन: Plot

Rajendra lives a poor lifestyle along with his younger collegian brother Shekhar, as well a younger sister Meena. He is in love with a school-teacher, and both hope to get married after Meena and Shekhar’s marriages. Luck shines upon them and Meena’s marriage is arranged with Dr. Ramesh, while Shekhar decides to wed Shobha, the only daughter of a wealthy man obsessed with horse-racing. Rajendra mortgages his house with his paternal uncle. Then things turn sour after Meena loses her vision; the wedding gets canceled, and Rajendra is humiliated by Ramesh’s dad. Rajendra decides to remain single to look after Meena, and permits Shekhar and Shobha to get married. The marriage takes place, and Shobha moves in. Shortly thereafter misunderstandings crop up, and lead to arguments, with Shekhar and Shobha moving out to live with Shobha’s dad. Then Rajendra is fired from his job, his paternal uncle takes over the house, and asks him to leave. Homeless, they turn to Shekhar for help, but he refuses to assist them in any way. Then Rajendra falls ill and gets separated from his sister, while Shekhar takes to horse-racing and alcohol, and a path that will only lead to self-destruction.

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