Inspirational Hindi Poem about Dussehra आ गया पावन दशहरा (विजय दशमी)

आ गया पावन दशहरा: दशहरा पर हिंदी कविता

आ गया पावन दशहरा
फिर हमे सन्देश देने
आ गया पावन दशहरा।

तुम संकटों का हो घनेरा
हो न आकुल मन ये तेरा
संकटो के तम छटेंगे
होगा फिर सुन्दर सवेरा
धैर्य का तू ले सहारा।

द्वेष कितना भी हो गहरा
हो न कलुषित मन ये तेरा
फिर ये टूटे दिल मिलेंगे
होगा जब प्रेमी चितेरा
बन शमी का पात प्यारा।

सत्य हो कितना प्रताड़ित
पर न हो सकता पराजित
रूप उसका और निखरे
जानता है विश्व सारा
बन विजय “स्वर्णिम सितारा”।

∼ सत्यनारायण सिंह

History of Dussehra (Vijay Dashmi)

This day marks the triumph of Lord Rama over Demon king Ravana. On this day, Rama killed Ravana.

Rama was asked to go on exile because his stepmother, Queen Kaikeyee was tricked into asking King Dasaratha to exile him for 14 years. Rama’s wife Sita, and his brother Lakshmana went with him willingly.

News of Rama staying at an ashram while on exile spread rapidly. A demon, Shoorpanakha found her way there and demanded that Rama or Lakshmana marry her. When both brothers rejected her, she threatened to kill Sita, so that Rama would then be single again. Lakshmana then cut off her ears and nose.

Shoorpanakha’s brother was the demon King Ravana. Ravana was incensed to hear what happened to his sister, and kidnapped Sita to avenge the insult.

The Ramayana chronicles Rama’s travels and deeds as he searched for his wife, and defeated evil.

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