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System of government: Australian administration since 1958 
Administrative center: Flying Fish Cove 
Location: Volcanic island in the Indian Ocean south of Java 
Area: 135 sq km 
Currency: Australian dollar 
Population: 2,072 (2011) 
Continent: Asia 

Christmas Island is very beautiful Island of Australia, inhabited by refugees

This small island is populated by Chinese and Malays. The only industry is phosphate mining. Christmas Island is an Australian territory in the Indian Ocean, lying south of Java, Indonesia. A national park covers most of the 135-sq-km island, offering rain-forest hikes to wetlands and waterfalls like Hugh’s Dale. Native wildlife includes nesting seabirds and the red crab, a land species known for its late-fall migration to the sea. The island is ringed with snorkelling and diving reefs.

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