Amazing adventures of Hanuman

Amazing adventures of Hanuman

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Hanuman found Sita outside the palace sitting sorrowfully in a beautiful garden surrounded by sleeping demons. He bent down from the branch of a fruit tree.

‘Pssst!’ he said, beckoning to her. Sita looked up in surprise. ‘Who are you?’ She asked. “I am Hanuman,’ he replied soft and low. ‘I have been sent by Rama to find you. Now that I have I must return to tell him and we will come back and rescue you’.

‘Oh, thank you!’ Sita replied, cheering up a little. ‘But be careful. Ravana is not only mighty but also cunning.’

Just then one of the demon guards was disturbed and woke up. ‘An intruder in our midst!’ he shouted to the other guards. ‘We must capture him!’

They raced to attack Hanuman, who suddenly made himself grow tall and strong again until he stood high above the garden. Reaching down towards the earth he pulled two trees with their roots out of the ground and swung them around like clubs to keep the demons away. When Ravana heard what Hanuman was doing he was furious. There was a deafening sound as his ten heads all roared and shouts at once.

‘A monkey doing all this damage in my garden!’ he cried. ‘Send my son to capture him and bring him to me.’

Ravana’s son went and began shooting deadly snake arrows at Hanuman, but they didn’t harm the mighty monkey-man.

Hanuman had a brilliant idea. ‘Perhaps I should meet Ravana face to face,’ he thought. Making himself small again he allowed himself to be caught. He was tied up and brought to Ravana.

‘Please let Sita go!’ begged Hanuman.

‘Never!’ snarled Ravana. ‘How dare you! Set his tail on fire!’ Several demons grabbed Hanuman’s tail, but it suddenly began to grow longer and longer! It was knocking over the demons who could hardly hang on!

‘Fools!’ yelled Ravana. It’s a trick! Grab his tail and set it alight!’ Finally they managed to set the tip on fire and mighty roar went up from the crowd. But the fire didn’t hurt Hanuman at all because his magic powers kept him perfectly cool. Hanuman’s eyes twinkled as he had another idea.

‘I know,’ he thought. I can put my burning tail to good use!’ He suddenly grew big again, breaking free of his bonds. With one bounded he leapt into the air, his tail burning brightly. He looked like a giant fireball He then flew over the city of Lanka setting fire to the roofs of the houses. Another roar went up from the demons, this time in astonishment.

‘Oh, how I hate that monkey!’ Ravana stamped his feet and cursed with rage. He waved his twenty arms wildly, while Hanuman dipped his tail in the sea.

‘ Ssssss…’

There was a loud sizzling noise, but Hanuman’s tail was not burnt at all! Hanuman flew back to prince Rama to tell him what had happened. ‘That’s all very interesting.’Rama said, ‘but how can we rescue Sita?’ ‘Don’t worry,’ said Hanuman. ‘I have a whole army of monkeys and I will help you rescue Sita.’

They marched down to the southern tip of India where they were faced with mighty ocean. ‘ How shall we cross?’ asked Rama. ‘My monkeys will build a bridge of rocks for you,’ replied Hanuman. Using great stones and trees Hanuman and the monkeys built a strong bridge. Hanuman carried Rama on his shoulders and they crossed the sea to Lanka. The demon king Ravana sent his son to lead the demon soldiers. There they were lying in wait and ready for battle.

The Great Battle

When a fierce battle! Among the ugly, smelly demons and the poisoned spears and snake arrows, Rama fought bravely. Way up on the hillside Hanuman Picked up rocks and hurled them. Then the demon king himself entered the battled. Ravana’s twenty arms were here, there and everywhere, cutting, thrusting, and circling like a whirlwind. Every time one of Rama’s arrow hit one of Ravana’s heads, another would just pop up in its place! The demon moved forwards to attack Rama’s army.

Hanuman saves prince Lakshmana
Hanuman saves prince Lakshmana

‘This is no good,’ said Rama to Hanuman. How will we rescue Sita now?’

Hah! Sneered Ravana from afar. ‘Foolish Hanuman. Foolish Rama you’ll never get Sita back now because we’re going to win the battle!’ Hanuman flew close to Rama and whispered in his ear: ‘Ravana’s weak spot is his foot. There’s only one sure way to kill him with a magic arrow kept hidden in his own palace!’

Rama looked up. Hanuman was already flying away to Ravana’s palace. Soon he returned with the magic arrow. ‘Here you are,’ he said to Rama. ‘Let’s hope this works’.

It’s our last chance,’ said Rama, as he strung his bow. Ravana was getting closer. Fire was coming out of his ten noses and smoke from his twenty ears. Rama took aim.


The arrow flew straight and sweet through the air. It hit Ravana’s foot and he let out an ear-piercing scream. Then he fell, dying, to the earth. Hanuman flew to Ravana’s palace, freed Sita and returned her to Rama’s waiting arms. They hugged each other.

‘I missed you so much,’ said Sita,’ but Hanuman gave me hope.’ ‘It is thanks to Hanuman that you are safe and sound,’ said Rama. ‘It was nothing really,’ said Hanuman shyly, as he looked at the ground. ‘Come on Sugreeva, we’d better be going now.’

‘No wait,’ replied Rama. ‘You have done so much for us and we’d like to thank you.’ Rama and Sita gave Hanuman and Sugreeva some jewels as gifts. ‘ From now on you will be our brothers. Please accept our friendship and join us.’ Hanuman agreed. There was great rejoicing in the land. Hanuman lived happily ever after in the green forest and had many more exiting adventures.

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